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Report - Premier Inn, Manchester, Jan 2010


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After meeting up with Jim, Gone and Rookie, Jim decided to get some pictures off a car park roof close to the Uni. After visiting a couple of buildings nearby to attempt some photos we were unsuccesful due to lockdown :banghead

We then headed up the Great Northern Tower where I didn't manage to get any decent pics, however Gone and Rookie managed some impressive pictures of Great Northern and Beetham tower, look forward to seeing them:thumb

Anyway we decided to head over to the Premier Inn so I could mess about with my camera, after a toil with my tripod I gave up and used Gones' (Thanks) :) New tripod me thinks.

Anyway I managed to get four or five half decent pics (see below) whilst up there, guess I just need to play around with the settings a bit more...:Not Worthy

Was quite a good evening despite being -12 degrees and Rookie and Gone skating on the ice :D

Anyway nice one guys will arrange another meet soon.... :cool:






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