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Report - Preston ODEON, June 2012


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Visited with Smurf and TheUrbanPest. Many, many thanks to them for their help with light painting and company.

I have to say, after a day of fails in Liverpool and despite another fail today I was really, really happy with this one! The day started off with us attempting St Joseph's Orphanage down the road. I was rather irritated with this, with tweek's access details being beyond totally absurd when there was an easier way in the other side. Still, within seconds we were turfed off from the car park by the security. Made our way round the other side, and I spent a fair old while clearing away the shrub, which would make getting in for us far safer and easier. But where we fell was that after a while we decided we were hungry so we went off to get a bite to eat. Came back, cleared away the last bits of the shrub, I made my way over and TUP said to me to come down because there was a security guard coming out from the office. He told us to get off the car park (it was theirs) or he'd call the police. Bollocks!

So we went for a look at Preston ODEON. It looked pretty tight initially, but we could see a relatively easy way. Made a call to Camera Shy (thanks so much!), and he confirmed that as being the right way. So up we went, and althought the access wasn't obvious it didn't take long to spot it. And excuse me because I may effectively be giving away access, but I was confused when I got in; I was like, "guys, are we actually in the right place? This doesn't look like a cinema at all!" It was only upon further expection that I was reassured we were in the right place! As for the place itself, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. It's effectively falling apart from the water ingress, which meant the floors in areas weren't the safest to set foot on (NB the roof has had some repair work done to it). Still, whilst there was some chav damage in places it wasn't quite as smashed up as some places really can be. I've only ever been to one other derelict cinema, being Aylesbury ODEON, and I have to say they are much alike in some respects; both have plenty of stuff left in situ, and whilst this is stripped of most of its projector equipment this is less vandalised despite having been closed for 7 years longer! It's also got better and more visible original features. We spent plenty of time happily roaming the place and checking out what we could (although admittedly we did miss a few things). Just to ask though, anyone who's been in here, was the electric still on? We made our way to the foyer, and we could hear the electrical switches buzzing really loudly! Because of the water damage it would be foolish to fanny about with switches so we left them (though it was clear contractors had been inside and installed temporary lighting). In retrospect, one thing I was disappointed at having not properly seen was the dome. Whilst we caught a glimpse of it from above, and even though it has been done, because of the hole in the roof, the pigeons flying above and the rotten floors we didn't fancy climbing the ladder up.

On the other hand, what really let this place down was the rubbish left piled up in the foyer by contractors. With all the rubbish left behind by them, including the rubbish bins in the main screen it ultimately ruins the time-warp feel of the place, which is a real shame. Overall I can't say it's one of the best sites I've ever visited, but it was a really good explore and it's prompted me to pay more attention to derelict cinemas!

Just to say, sorry if some of the pics are of poor quality; cinemas are notoriously difficult to light and my P7 was running low on battery! Not to mention my A350 doesn't take kindly to high ISO!


















On our way out, things got hilarious and nerve wracking! So far it was a walk in the park, but when we were out we noticed 2 ladies outside having a fag! Surely we couldn't walk out and go "oh hi, we've just been in the cinema" because they lived near! So we had to wait! After a while they popped back inside, but I was weary they'd see us still. So we waited for a little while longer, until it was a case of now or never. We legged it out making a HELL of a noise, but at least we were fast. Went back out onto the street, about to go into Subway, I looked back and there they were looking at us! Thinking they'd follow us, we went round the corner out of sight and that was the end of that!

Hope you enjoyed as usual. Love TBM x

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