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Lead or Rumour info - Preston Storm water drain


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Storm drains in Preston anyone?


^ Click the pic for a bigger pic ^

At present when Preston experiences heavy rainfall the sewers in Fishergate Hill, Marsh Lane, Watery Lane and near Penwortham pumping station become overwhelmed, resulting in storm water overflowing into the River Ribble.

Our proposed new £114 million project will reduce the number of spills into the River Ribble.”

The work will cause disruption to Preston City Centre. The work is expected to be completed by 2012 and will begin in Spring 2009. Work within the city centre is hoped to be completed by Christmas 2011.
Coming soon to a herbex forum near you :D



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If it's already in progress, it'll be worth looking at now
Exactly, why would you wait until its finished!? it will be a lot easier if its not finished probably, with open shafts etc, hell if your lucky you might even find a TBM!


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If anyones got the minerals for this then im interested? Nice to see summat a bit closer to my area up!


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Outside fulwood barracks in Preston where the QLR are based is a huge hole under construction. I have been told it is the size of a footy pitch under neath and is linked to the docks. Accessible but not to someone of my skills.


I acnt work out how it is linked to the work at the docks as the docks are a hell of a lot lower and at least 3 miles away.


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I posted about this when they started last year, there's lots of open shafts all around Preston at the moment!