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Pretty new and needing help


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I am from Lancashire and looking for great places.

I also need some specific info on a site nr Sheffield.

Start with sheffield.
There is a specific piece of grafitti I would like to see.
Its a back view of a bottomy lady in fishnets. If you have seen it you will know the piece.
I have visited the site and seen many great art pieces, devils are particularly good, but I could not find the piece I described above.
Could also do with knowing where Dastardly and Mutly are.
If anyone can drop me a sketch of where on site it is I would be very grateful.

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Have a read of the welcome guide.



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Not a great start then, it seems I broke most of the guide.

Absolute newbie, looked at a couple of sites previously with no access.

Son is Grafitti art man. Happy as Larry in Baltic triangle in Liverpool or Northern Quarter in Manchester. Hence we went for a nosey in Sheffield when recommended by a friend.

Site I was enquiring about is Storr's Bridge Fire Brick works, latterly owned by Hepworths, Loxley, Sheffield.

There seems to be a fault that I cannot upload my pictures but I will try here again.

So far so good


Hopefully these will show those who have been that I have, I am not looking for the location, its 2 specific pieces of grafitti art we did not find that I we are looking for.

The history of the site is well documented in the great reports of other visitors I think there are 6 they are also better with a camera than I am

TBH I could copy what google says as a history and it is already there in the other reports. So if I may I will go down path of the artists. I think this is the author of my bottomy lady?

"Coloquix's work has been popping up all over Sheffield for a couple of years now, our first experience of it being the stunning design on the shutter of The Besotted Wretch shop on Abbeydale Road. We thought it was high time to feature some of this painter's work, and to get the low-down on how and why his mysterious character is appearing in some unorthodox locations. What got you started as a street artist and how has your character developed over time? I kind of fell into it a bit. I lived in Leeds for a few years, even though I'm originally from just over the border in Derbyshire, and whilst I did plenty of drawing and the like when I had an LS postcode, I wasn't really exposed to street art or graffiti properly until I moved to Sheffield back in 2012. Although I remembered some of classic locals names from the 90s when I was a kid, the old Niche building, lovingly known as The Crack Den, really opened my eyes to it all. It was just too easy to wander into. That was probably the first time I'd really witnessed a proper gallery, if you will, and the first time I saw a Phlegm piece. Safe to say, it blew my mind. My character developed pretty naturally, though. Her beginnings are something of a mystery even to me, but the reason her eyes are always closed, for example, was because I just couldn't paint her with them open at the start. I've got incompetence to thank for that. What is the start of the creative process for you? Do pieces always start as sketches? I've only gone out to paint on a whim without something in mind once or twice, and results tend to be a little... variable. This actually occurred the weekend just gone, in fact. She ended up holding a ram's skull in one hand and a cigarette in the other. This definitely wouldn't have been the case if I'd sat down, thrown some Boards of Canada in my ears and sketched her out properly. When I was first starting out with the whole drawing on walls thing, I was too excited to just get out into a derelict and do some colouring in. It quickly became apparent though that the longer the sketch took, the better the paint job would be. Your pieces are often painted in quite interesting and unusual locations - on a river bed or on a canvas of cling film wrapped between two trees, for example. Do you spend a long time scouting for the right places before you start work? Again, circumstances sort of pushed me into painting in these odd places. I mean, the whole urban exploration thing - or urbex, if you're particularly down with the kids - was definitely a huge thing at the start. When I first moved back to Sheffield, I had a year of extreme anxiety. Christ only knows why or from whence it came, but part of the recovery process was reclaiming that sensation of being terrified. The first few derelicts I popped into scared the living flip out of me, in a good way. So any intriguing spots of that nature just came from what was essentially a bit of a giddy pastime. As for the woodland and river bed ones, after about six months of painting in Sheffield and thinking that everyone was lovely and that the fumes bound us all together like one big grubby family, I started getting all my work dogged and scribbled over, so I had to think beyond the usual spots. To this day, I've never had an underwater piece ruined. Do you have any exhibitions coming up? Good question. There probably should be. An exhibition, I mean. There were three over the space of a year, so I thought it only fair to give people a break. But it's been about a year since the last one." https://nowthenmagazine.com/articles/coloquix-this-months-featured-artist

The other major artist is Brayk, now this is purely my bit. I find the green lady Scary. I would not want to explore at sunset and find one. That said Its a personal thing and some of the more colourful stuff is out of this world. I believe after years of being hounded for doing grafitti in places like this they went on to being a respected artist in their own right and doing charitable works. The stopwatch gallery seems to get much of a mention

So our explore,
With a little relief from the confines of lockdown we made our escape and accessed the site. 17th April. We did begin at a bright midday too just to add further to our paranoia. Although I did think it would be safer if we could see where we were exploring.
My son and I ventured around. As newbies we were panicking at every pigeon , rattly stone , etc.. It was a real adrenaline rush. That you will never get queuing at the Liver Bird in the Baltic triangle.
We jogged from building to building and cover to cover like 2 paintball contestants or perhaps players in six siege!
Overall we spent about an hour on site, the site is absolutely massive. It looked a lot more delapidated than most of the photos in reports and some looked like bits had been cleared. Vegetation in some places outside the buildings is man height.

I hope this goes some way to atoning my many transgressions. We would both love to re-explore and will hopefully find mutley and the lady.

Anyway hope we've now been better introduced and I am sorry for my lack of understanding of the site and grateful for the Newbie survival guide. If I had found that first life could have been so much easier.

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as well as the link posted about you may want to read this link

Its kinda how we do things around here and how we protect ourselves from security, metal theives etc

Thanks and hope this helps



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28DL Full Member
The link posted about me?
Can't even find that!
I had found the posting a report guide after my initial error but I could not make it work.
Sure it will come to me in time.

mockney reject

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this link

or this link ?



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HI Wrangler,
Currently not doing much of anything Ive got Covid!

I am looking for 2 pieces which I believe are on the Storrs Bridge site
1 is a Dastardly and Mutley, other is a Big bottom lady in fishnets.
They should be easily identifiable from those descriptions if they haven't been painted over.
Photo here is a straight copy of someones report c/o google images Flikr
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