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Report - Primark Crane, Newcastle - April 2012


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Well what a bastard of a night this was!! Cloughy and myself took a trip up north with high hopes of nailing some new 'ardcore shit that I've been planning for some time. After being followed by CCTV and rumbled by secca who said they were just about to call the police, we decided we should save that particular site for another time.

Not being far from Newcastle, we decided to venture into town to see what we could find. On the horizon was a big smiley yellow crane, which had LLS written all over it!

We had no trouble getting into the site, and up the crane. The kind crane driver had even left the heating on for us, what a lovely chap!

Just as we were about to leave, some mental bastard was at the fence, ripping it down and shouting at Clough....




What the friggidy fooook was that all about!? He starts ragging the fence down and smashing up the building site. We both took refuge a little higher up the building thinking 'fuck, he's bringing some attention to the site'!! He eventually left after wrecking the place and lying in the middle of the road for a while.

Once he'd done one we promptly left. Within a matter of seconds, after stepping over the fence he tore down, security drove round the corner followed by the police! Much to mine and Cloughy's joy, they didn't seem interested in us and we quickly scarpered!

Big fail with first site, bit of win with crane, bit of WTF when leaving the crane. Then there was the 5 hours we had to kill before the coach back home. Tried sleeping in a shit derp only to wake up freezing so it was a case of mooching round till we could get back! Not very lol worthy.

Anyways, a few quick pics from the crane...



One from the rooftop


Cloughy has a good pic from in the cabin which I await to see.

What a wierd night!!​

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