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Report - Primestock Meats, Manchester 0210


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28DL Full Member
After a failed reccy on a nearby place – I spotted this building and couldn’t help but take a closer look! I found a way in and spent an hour or so looking around!
It was Primestock meat wholesalers and at some point it has been burnt down! Although I’ve always wondered how freezer units can actually catch fire?
Anyhoo – there is little info available and I had to scan the floors for any clues.
A payslip from 2004 was the key, there was also an email on a notice board from 2001 And a Star newspaper from 2007.
It’s a hell of a mess but still interesting – and a two fingers from us vegetarians!
Meat packers-3.jpg
Meat packers-6.jpg
Meat packers-10.jpg
Meat packers-17.jpg
Meat packers-19.jpg
Meat packers-23.jpg
Meat packers-27.jpg
Meat packers-31.jpg
Meat packers-35.jpg
Meat packers-36.jpg
Meat packers-40.jpg
Meat packers-45.jpg
Meat packers-46.jpg
Meat packers-48.jpg
Meat packers-54.jpg
Meat packers-55.jpg
Meat packers-56.jpg
Meat packers-58.jpg
Meat packers-60.jpg
Meat packers-64.jpg
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