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Report - Prince Edward Goldmine, Trawsfynydd, Wales, Jan 2015

The Kwan

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First trip out of the New year and after a long walk in the howling wind and driving rain at times, the cobwebs were well and truly blown away.
This lovely little Goldmine is a bit easier to walk up to now thanks mainly to the pylon refurbishment program that has involved laying down some hardcore crush and run in what can only be described as a rough surfaced road in order to get transport up onto the hillsides.

Some history from this lovely little mine

This mine was first referred to in 1895 when it was known as Moel Croesau. The mine worked sporadically till 1935. It was said to have produced pockets of gold that were evidently very rich. In 1935 the gold for Princess Marina's wedding ring, and subsequent royal rings, was made from a bar of gold produced jointly from gold from this mine together with gold from Marina Mine and the mid-wales mine, Roman Deep at Dolaucothi.

Prince Edward Mine recorded an output of 123 tons of gold ore from which 278 ounces of gold was extracted, the majority between 1911-12.

fist thing that you see here is the small row of miners cottages, they appeared to be covered in tarmacadam or something similar

Then the main adit that is accessed by crossing a slippery stream, no fatties squeezing through here

Once inside you find the gold store room, the story here is that a local Farmer decided to see if there was any gold inside and dynamited the inner doors off.

Said inner doors, a bit twisted to say the least..dynamite works every time

Although this is a small mine there are some nice features that make up for the lack of artifacts

Just getting a photo before disturbing the water

This is a flooded incline, you can see the roller and the tracks that would be used to wind the carts up and down, just disappearing into the murky water

which way now?

Plenty of stopes and supports to see in this lovely little mine

You can actually do a through trip here and this is a Large chamber that you pass through on the way out

This copper type formation was found in a dead end on a rise.

It is only a little mine but the walk is mondo in wellies and carrying all your crap but worth every step, check the view


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Great start to the year Mr Kwan :thumb some cracking shots here.


Bajo Tierra
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Some great pics there mate, looks like a fun day, shame I couldn't make this :(
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Thats a cracking little mine mate and well worth the walk.Nice start to your year indeed :thumb


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Very nice little mine, I may have to venture up myself.

Thanks :)


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Fantastic, looks like it was definitely worth the walk, some really nice features in there!


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Lived in N. Wales for 14 years and not heard of it. Thanks for the report.


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That's a nice report. One thing though, the gold bar from here and Ogofau and Marina mines that was used for royal wedding rings was apparently used up by around 1980 and replaced by a bar from Gwynfynydd mine - that was in production around then (and was a fine explore).