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Report - Princess Cinema, Liverpool June 2012


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28DL Full Member
Visited with Camera Shy and another member (sorry I forgot your alias!).

To be fair, as good as the banter was with the guys today wasn't the best exploring day at all, with 4 fails and having to resort to this. I've already talked about the first 2 fails at the cinema on the theatres in need of exploration thread and then failing at Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse and the Victoria Clocktower. A real shame really, as I thought the Futurist could have a LOT of potential exploring-wise, but in truth the ways in need a LOT of cunning. Not to mention that the "way in" was FULL of HUGE RATS and it wouldn't have led to the actual cinema! The Forum across the way was pretty epic but after the contractors going in apparently, how good it is now is anyone's guess. Oh and did I mention they sealed it relatively well?

Onto Stanley Dock, which actually looked pretty easy with no-one on site. That said it was heavily covered in CCTV, which I thought would either be dead or being recorded rather than being monitored. Much to mine and Mark's surprise, as soon as I swing off (say no more) the security guard comes out and whistles at me! Swing back off and there I see him walking down the side and back into the building. Has security increased since the fire then? After that, we try the Victoria Clocktower opposite. This was a real disappointment because I really do love stuff like this. We ended up at dead ends consistently whilst trying to navigate the docks, eventually ended up at the place. We saw a door kicked in, went through and found the base bricked up! :mad:

So in an act of desperation, we ended up here. With all due respect I have seen far worse places (Barnes Hospital, Lear Corp in Bicester anyone?) but this was a bit of a derp. Stripped to it's bare structure, it really was sad to see. That said, it was interesting in that despite the total ease of access (albeit unpleasant) there was no chav damage apart from fire, just contractor damage! Nosey neighbours on the patrol? Perhaps; we did see a local living next door keeping a beady eye on us! On the other hand, the original features including ceiling remains in place and untouched by conversions, which ultimately redeem the place from being a total waste of time. There were some interesting things left behind as well from its time as a bingo hall. To be honest, had this been kept more secure or untouched by contractors mercilessly stripping stuff out, or perhaps explored much earlier this would have been a really epic place!

As you can see, I again toyed about with the photos in Photoshop to show the place in a different light.









Thanks for looking. Love TBM x

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