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Report - Princess cinema, Liverpool March 2012

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Myself and Xan Asmodi drove past this old bird on saturday on our way to check out a culvert in Skelmersdale, and decided to stop and check it out on our way home and we were glad that we did, I have failed here before with sephiroth so I was beside myself to find myself standing inside the building, but excitement soon turned to disapointment when we discovered that some tossers had set the place on fire at some point and the reception and gorgeous art deco doors had been smoke and fire damaged.
having said all that it was still a bit special for me even though it was trashed beyond belief.
the fun didnt end with the explore because as we were leaving we were rumbled by a doogooding member of the public who too be fair was probably worried about it being set on fire again but it was also comical to see Xans larger than life frame chuck itself kamikazi style through a tiny little window and the guy who was calling the police disapeared quickly when the duct tape fell out of the haversack:)

some history
The premises originally opened as the Princess Cinema in 1931, and although a medium sized cinema, the architect missed out on the more grand design, as there are no towers, or fins on the building's exterior. The cinema was originally an independent until it was taken over in 1958 by the Essoldo Cinemas chain, based in Newcastle. The cinema continued to operate until 1966 when it was converted to a bingo hall, which was a common transformation in the mid sixties. The last film shown was "Our Man Flint" staring James Coburn.

outside the size of this place can be seen by Phillip G mayer

back in the day

as it was

and today

This is were the raised seats were

The main entrance that is totally fucked and fire damaged


from the main screen looking back...this place is fecked

there is a gorgeous cast spiral staircase that climbs to the projection room

The projection room is now just a shell with holes in the wall

some general cinema derp


the safe

signs all charred

despite no records being availble saying that this place re opened in 2003 there were boxes of tickets and promo stuff for a club called "high society" but I cant find reference anywhere.

thanks for looking.


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