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Report - Private lido - Somerset - May 11


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First post and really just to practice getting all the photos up and working. Understand if it just gets binned, but constructive comments appreciated!

Impromptu mini explore. I was walking the dog past a place I had been meaning to take a peek at when I saw a big section of the security fence had been nicked. So I took the opportunity to nip in and have a look. Apologies for the poor picture quality but as a spur of the moment thing, I only had my phone on me.
Admittedly not a very exciting place but no-one else has posted on it and rare to see an abandoned pool still full of water.

History - I don't for sure what this place was, but its a fair bet it was for the use of the employees of the big printworks up the hill nearby. The printers Purnells, were a major empolyer in Paulton and famous for printing bibles. The factory closed a few years back and has now almost completely vanished to become another housing estate. Just this Lido and a chemical storage compound remain.


1 Entrance and plant room, some machinery left but too dark for a photo.


2 The pool, all around are doorways each leading to tiny cubicles. The pool itself was totally covered in weed, so much so that numty dog tried to walk on it, with hilarious consequences. Unfortunately no photos of the rescue which was the most exciting part of the trip, as I struggled to pull out a heavy and panicking dog without falling in the evil looking water with him (my dog doesn't know he can swim, so goes mental when out of paddling depth).


3 Got him out in the end


4 Loads of graffiti about


5 All these trees growing through the concrete show just how long this place has been abandoned.

Next report will feature photos taken with an actual camera - promise

Thanks for looking!


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