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Lead or Rumour info - Public conveniences, info.


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Speed and I have decided to photograph and document Britain's derelict public toilets while we are on our travels in the future.

I wonder if anybody knows the whereabouts for the list we are putting together. Can be anything, underground, in railway arches, the cast iron booths, anything at all!



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The underground ones in the upper precinct in Coventry were good.

By a strange coincidence (on the toilet topic) an organisation I work with has just taken on a derelict set of bogs for a quid a year rent - we are turning it into changing/shower block for our boatyard.


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Blackpool coastline has a few, can't see access to them being easy though.


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There's the big plastic ones they used to put out on the streets on a weekend in Leeds, they don't use them anymore...


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Jesus Gorecki, they are stunning! Now thats what I'm looking for.

Thanks for all the help so far, the list is growing. If people know the street there on could you pop them in a PM? Reports of the first handfull soon...


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Here's a set at halfway on the Isle of Sheppey - used to drive past them every day.


There's also some in Canterbury city centre - underground ones in this case, have been closed for a long time.


I've got a feeling I know of more, but can't think of them off the top of my head.

EDIT: a quick google brings up quite a few in london, and someone's already documented some of them: :D
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Brickman's report from Sunderland HERE


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Livery Street, Birmingham. On the corner of the bridge archway down from Subway City towards Great Charles Street. Ornate cast iron entrances by the looks of it, although I bet it's rancid as hell on the inside.