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Report - Public Toilets, ongoing report...


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My interest in these little forgotten rooms has been ongoing for some time. Thanks to many of you on here I have a huge list of ones to check, although many I have tried my luck at exploring have been sealed tight.

Ignored by most, and fast vanishing from our streets, public conveniences can be very ornate, stylish and interesting in design. I've often been walking through town desperate for a piss and thought just how convenient these conveniences were. I find it quite funny that man's need to relieve himself has not changed one bit over the last century, but most public toilets are now either demolished, de commissioned or so fetted due to lack of maintenance and cleaning that you would rather face the disapproving stare of the publican as you walk in and out of his pub without purchasing a pint!

I've managed a gander at two so far, so as I get more I'll keep updating the thread. If you too share this strange fascination with public lavs please post yours up here too!

Boarders of Cape Hill / Smethwick. Typical Gent's built into a Railway Bridge. Thanks to Speed for lending me his shoulders to stand on for access!



Ludgate Hill, Birmingham. One of the larger cast iron Gent's toilets that are dotted around the older areas of the city. It too is built into a railway arch and at one time the iron wall would have been topped with a huge gas lamp which would have acted as both street light and lighting for the inside. Again thanks to Speed for acting as step ladder to allow access!







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I believe there is still one on Scotland Road in Liverpool... been closed for years but sure the actual toilets are still there :)


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I believe there is still one on Scotland Road in Liverpool... been closed for years but sure the actual toilets are still there :)
Yep,they're still there - you can see them on Street View - what you can't see on SV is that access is impossible as the stairwell has been plated over entirely at ground level,so no chance even of a peek through a gate. There are loads of toilets here that have been demolished,closed,bricked up,or converted,or if underground,filled in. One you can get a decent shot of through the gate [not much to see though] is on the dock road,by Brunswick Station.