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Report - Purfleet dock (disused), Essex, March 2014


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Hi everyone,

I thought it about time I visited this place considering I live nearby and work even closer! This is my first urbex report so bear with me as it may be a little brief but I'll try and keep it as interesting as I can. I went there via m/bike and after parking up and deciding to trek the rest of the way on foot it wasn't too long before I realised that m/bike boots are definitely NOT designed for walking any kind of distance, let alone scaling walls! This is made even more difficult due to the fact that I'm a middle aged bloke and having the fault in my head (standard fitting on all blokes) that tells me "go on, you can get over that... piece of p!ss" I quickly find, I'm not actually in my twenties anymore! Anyhoo, I digress.
With regards to the images in this report, I like to try and use different angles of approach to make things a little different. I'm not a huge fan of shots of the overall site as this becomes a bit monotonous so I like to keep things more subject isolated. It also provides a bit of a 'treasure hunt' for any future urbex visitors to the same site who might want to find each image subject (I hope that makes sense). I don't use any HDR trickery but I do like to maximise image quality where possible and try to get well exposed shots 'in camera' and then tweek them in Photoshop when I get home. Oh yeah, and I like playing with varying DOF too! So here goes...!

The first building you get to once on the site, obviously depending where you enter. Through the window is another section of the now disused docking point and I intend to venture to that part on my next visit. As you can see there is an abundance of graffiti so there's obviously no shortage of visitors here!


Another shot from inside the same building looking towards the quayside. And yes, that is a can of Australian brand lager hanging from the rail at the far end (not my doing but I did have to check whether it was empty or not... it was).


This is what I can only assume to be some kind of capstan for securing the moored vessel. It was a big ugly brute of a thing and there are a row of them down the dockside.


A wild stab in the dark but I think this might be some kind of weight apparatus for the ships cargo. I may be wrong so if anyone has more info, I'm all ears.


This is the internal workings of the apparatus in the above image (there were more than one on site). It doesn't look like it's been used for many years but I find this kind of decaying subject fascinating... it's probably got a few stories to tell.


Along the dockside there's a set of concrete steps descending underneath the dock platform. The tide was out and this gives some perspective of how close the vessels were moored to the sea wall.


Another one from under the platform in the opposite direction... in mono this time (I'm a sucker for mono!)


A window shot of one of the buildings at the far end of the dock. The QE2 bridge is visible in the distance.


Looking through to the far end of the dock and the fence separating this site from another site which is still operational. I think this belongs to the Purfleet Oil Terminal but I'll check that and confirm.


The last one from this series just in case the whole lot bounces back and doesn't work properly. It's just one of the main pipeline which I'm assuming was used to transfer oil from the tanks onshore (no longer on the site) onto the waiting vessel.


Hopefully this uploads and works properly... and this will hopefully be my first UE report of many... even the missus is contemplating tagging along with her camera... I'm not sure who'll come a cropper first but it should be a scream!

Thanks for looking and feel free to post any comments/criticism etc.


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