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Report - - Pyestock 08/02/09 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Pyestock 08/02/09

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like marmite
28DL Full Member
Visited with Siologen

we had a weekend full of fail in Bristol so we decided to run away before we decided to commit suicide. So we headed for Pystock, I have been here many times before but Siolo had never been and always wanted to.

Entry is harder which is good all holes have been repaired and you now have to make an effort as aposed to going through a door sized hole in a fence and having a map and complimentary visitor sticker handed to you. Was a good day which ended in me ripping my trousers so much I might as well have walked back to the car in my boxers.

Only a few photos today as I have seen the site many times before.







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