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Report - Pyestock, cell 4, farnborough, nov 2012


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Ok so now onto our 2nd report from the weekend. We had met up with a legend from France on Saturday afternoon and decided to do a bit of a recci before coming back. We established where to enter and decided to return and to go straight to cell 4 Unfortunally it was peeing down so we all got a good soaking, luckily had no problem getting in. So wet and freezing cold we sat hidden until it was light enough to crack on with the photos. The rain wasn't the only downfall of the day. About an hour into taking our shots we decided to move onto the next building, Magpie423 noticed the sec so we did a quick retreat back to where we were. We went upstairs trying to find out where the sec had gone but low and behold he was watching and waiting for us. So after a bit of cat and mouse we were finally caught, and had to leave by the main gates. Ha I felt like the queen been escorted out. So unfortunally I don't have many photos to show :-(
History - Pyestock, the former National Gas Turbine Establishment, located in Farnborough, UK. Conceived in the build up to World War Two, and realised in the post-war paranoia of the opening virtual salvos of the cold war, Pyestock was one of a number of top-secret sites which would bolster the UK’s standing during the austere 1950s; and become a vital component of the White Heat of Technology in the twitchy 1960s. It was arguably the world's leading research facility into the research and design of gas turbines (or jet engines). "V" bomber, Harrier and Tornado engines were designed and refined in its custom test facilities; the air plant and custom cells could fly a Concorde engine at Mach 2 from the safety of the ground; all the gas turbines used by the Navy were put through harsh, enduring sea-worthiness tests; and the hush-hush top-secret captured Soviet engines were discretely tested for performance and reverse engineered. In its last years, Pyestock became an unofficial museum. Dexterity, intelligence and courage were some of the necessary attributes required by this small number of uninvited individuals, who crept in unobserved, took a plethora of photographs, and then quietly disappeared again
Pics -







Enjoy what there is :-/
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