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Report - Pyestock NGTE - June 2011


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Visited here with two others.

History for those that need it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationa..._Establishment

This was on my list for at least two years and amongst the very first places I found out about when I first looked at the forums - in all honesty I really thought I would never make it there.

For me it was a two hour drive, which wasn't too bad but can see the obvious benefits of going in the winter. Being the time we arrived, we really didn't expect to see anyone working on site - but to all three of us that's what it did look like, a bloke carrying a toolbox of some sort and wearing overalls....we weren't about to hang around or ask if they were urbexers too.


Safely inside we found our feet and stayed quiet and nervous for at least the first hour...and each minute in this place was just plain surreal, heightened through lack of sleep and the buzz of just getting into the place. Every pigeon landing on the roof and slight noise made us think we were rumbled.



I was completely blown away by everything and not in all that much of a frame of mind for getting great shots - so I'm not amazed by what I did get....oh well I'll just have to make it back there!





We spent a good 5 hours just in Cell 3 and 4 - and that's where our journey was "cut short" shall we say. Really disappointed that we then had stayed in one area for so long without having at least tried to get to another spot, by that time it was still early and we thought we had the whole day ahead of us...I'd not touched a single one of my nutty butter sandwiches or anything :(


No Fucking Droids - or PhotoShop skills!!






A stunning place that has taught me very early on in my exploring experience that it's more about the explore than getting award winning pictures. Somewhere I hope to get back to and see lots more of before anything happens to it.



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