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Report - Pyestock Revisited - December 11


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Ok, so I loved it so much the first time, I just had to go back for more. I had unfinished business with her. I couldn't find my way into a couple of places to get the pictures I wanted on the first attempt and the place is so huge it'll take many more visits to visit all her buildings and understand her workings more.

This was a solo visit, at least it started that way, I ended up bumping into 3 different groups of explorers so hi to those guys I met. I had a plan this time, I roughly knew the layout, I'd done more research to see which buildings were of most interest to me next and I wanted to get up higher. I also knew the movements of security (or so I thought).

I got there early this time, I wanted maximum time to look around, it was a freezing cold morning and the sun was rising as I made my entrance.

The perimeter fencing is littered with signage attempting to deter any curious opportunists.



As soon as I got in, I wanted to get up high, to relax for a minute, take in the sights and get a better view of the whole site. I climbed the outer staircase of the Bramshot Cooling Towers. This building was used for cooling the exhaust gases of test cells 3 and 4. It comprises of 30 huge fans on the roof and a myriad of pipes and tubes inside.

External view of Bramshot Cooling Towers


A closeup of one of the 30 fans

Me enjoying the morning view

A view of the Air House from the Cooling Towers roof

And a view across towards cells 3 and 4 and cell 3 west in the distance

While we're on the subject of cell 3 west, here's a couple of pictures of the inside and external shot


I then made my way over to the Number 10 Exhauster building. I wanted to see the huge Parsons turbine in here and also the control room


I then headed across to the Plant House, there was another control room I wanted to see in here. There were a lot of drawings that had been taken out of the filing cabinets and left scattered across the floor, I also found a fantastic hand drawn schematic of the whole site!!

A plant house turbine

A closeup of a generator where the pikeys have dismantled it to strip the copper from inside

One of the Plant Room turbine controls

The plant room control desk

The hand drawn schematic of the site

After about 3 very close escapes from security, I decided to get myself back inside so I went back to cells 3 and 4 to get some photo's that I missed the time before

Door into cell 4

An extractor in cell 4

A view of the cell 4 from the rear end

And finally in cell 3 where I couldn't get into before so thanks to Chris for the intel



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