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Report - Pyestock (something different)- 27.04.08



Everyone knows the history of this site and have probably seen the same pictures countless times so i thought I'd hunt down some unusual bits on what was my first trip to the NGTE.

First things I checked out were some abandoned buildings near the active Vector aerospace and QinetiQ parts of the site.


Looks like bird flu has come to Hanpshire


I'd read that some parts were still live, but I wasn't expecting to see a working brew maker, complete with red lights!


This is what Pyestock should be about. Found this turbine round the back of the QinetiQ building.


The pipework in this compound was hissing- this is quite active still.


Climbed the cooling tower where the road turns left to cell 3 west and got a decent view of the northern part of the site with no 10 exhauster on the right and the Vector Aerospace site on the left.


Then I got curious about what was up the small ladder on the cooling tower and found this.


The picture doesn't do it justice but it is huge! The spinner alone is about 6 foot in diameter. Fan tastic.

Just before the tower, I saw a couple of explorers crashing over the herras fence out of no 10 exhauster. They didn't see me as I was pretending to be a tree. Was that you?

Followed the route they took and found this tunnel on top of a small berm. Looks like the sort of thing I've seen on military training areas before.


Then went to take a closer look at the famous blue pipework.



Was just about to climb inside the cell when i got spooked by what sounded like a horn and a shout, so legged it through the woods, down the steep bank and over the fence.

Good fun for my first trip and have not got the Pyestock bug!

Hope these were something different for you.


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