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Report - Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, London - June 2014


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The former Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children is in the Parish of St. Leonard’s on the Hackney Road at its junction with Goldsmith’s Row in Bethnal Green in the London Borough
of Tower Hamlets.

The Hospital occupying the site closed in 1997 and is comprised of several buildings in four main phases of development. Beginning in the 1870′s with the Goldsmith’s Row building replacing earlier accommodation followed by the Hackney Road building and Nurses Accommodation at the beginning of the 20th Century, then alteration and extensions during the 1930s and finally completion of the Hayward Building in 1972.
This hospital has a really cool history behind and worth having a quick read through if someone has a spare moment.

There was quite a few reports on the place and I probably wouldn't bother with posting it, but me and Pinkman were probably one of the last people to ever visit the side as it is gonna be demolished pretty soon (in fact it might have happened by now, haven't been around to have a check on it).

The stroll through would be more than disappointing as there was nothing left, place was half gone, some walls stripped down to the bare brick and asbestos hazard pretty much everywhere.. But it was real fun getting in and out as we did it with construction workers on the site and it was more or less a cat&mouse game all along. View from the roofs was top too.

Really sad to see this place being knocked down, especially considering its long history. :(

Few shots showing how bad it was at the end of June:



Construction site:









Also check out our video from the roof, it's quite funny :p:


Credits for some of the photos go to Pinkman, as usual :thumb


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Thank you :) after getting spotted by that guy we spent another 2h walking around inside the building and then legged it just passed him :D good fun


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Love em :thumb

You & Mr Pinkman certainly get around :)

Love the discreet Video and "get down here" Secca :D

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