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Report - Queen Mary's Hospital Maternity ward, Sidcup, Kent - September 2015


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Short little report, turned out to be a little better than expected, very very modern. Can't have been refitted that long ago at all.

Had fun pissing about with mates, as you'll see shortly. This was cut short but the sudden realization of a rather large dog... So we kinda bounced...



Frognal House and its grounds were purchased by the government and the Queen's Auxiliary Hospital opened in August 1917, having been built in five months. It had 300 beds based in wooden huts - 15 for officers and 285 for other ranks.

The Hospital became the central military hospital for reconstructive surgery following facial and jaw injuries, not only for the United Kingdom, but for all the Imperial Expeditionary Forces. Separate units were established for Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, with their own Medical Officers and staff. The bed complement was soon increased to 562, then 650. Six auxiliary hospitals became affiliated to it, providing an additional 450 beds.

Queen Mary, who had taken an interest in the Hospital at the very beginning, visited it in November 1917. In 1918 Queen Alexandra visited in April and the Duke of Connaught in June.

In 1959 the Ministry of Health decided that a new hospital should be built (the prefabricated wooden huts from 1917 had only been intended to last for ten years). Building work began in 1962. In the first phase, residences for 150 medical and nursing staff and a new School of Nursing were opened in 1965. In 1966 a new Maternity Unit with 56 beds and a Special Baby Care Unit with 14 cots opened, bringing the total number of beds to 365. The final phase of rebuilding began in 1969 to bring the bed total to 600. The new Hospital received its first in-patient in 1974.

2010 saw the threat of closure for the Maternity unit, eventually this because of a shortage of staff. This lead to a massive safety breach and could've potentially risked lives. The smaller complex was set to be closed as soon as it could.

"Trust chief executive Dr Chris Streather said: 'A clinical safety review carried out by independent senior clinicians commissioned by NHS London across all of our sites, and supported by the Trust's medical and nursing directors, has concluded that there are significant safety risks, particularly in regard to a serious shortage of emergency medicine middle and junior grade doctors, and midwives.

'We can't take a risk that this situation would become unsustainable during the winter months.

'This review makes clear that this presents an unacceptable level of risk to patients and we therefore regret the need to recommend to the Trust Board a planned temporary closure of the A&E and maternity Units at Queen Mary's while the Trust attempts to redress these issues through continued recruitment efforts, and discussions with the deaneries in relation to the provision of junior clinicians.

'We have asked all of our neighbouring Trusts for assistance but none are able to provide the clinical support that is necessary.'

The hospital said it planned to close A&E by the end of November and maternity 'as soon as safely practical'.

Staff from those units will be redeployed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, southeast London and Princess Royal in Farnborough, Kent, according to Dr Streather"

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ergency-maternity-depts-doctors-shortage.html

More recently, the derelict section was set a light last month: http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/LatestIncidentsContainer_18Aug1599.asp#.VeouO_lViko



This was cool, mad seeing something so modern so overgrown



Hmmm, aren't the NHS supposed to be in debt or something....








The day Stewie became a man:


What to do with a christmas tree:



So yeah, far from epic, but we had a fricking good laugh. Cheers!​

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Looks like a few nice bits remain thanks for report.

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