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Lead or Rumour info - Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup


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Im not from anywhere near that area but a friend of mine put on Instagram photos of a "deserted hospital". I asked for information on it and said she was walking around looking for a ward but instead found a part of a hospital thats abandoned. Corridors and wards just abandoned.


(the A&E and maternerty wards are both shut now)

They look tidy, no vandalism or anything like it but desks have been cleared and all paperwork removed. I dont know how much is shut, just going by links and what Ive been told. It could be nothing but if it appeals, good luck out there.

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Nice one Candy. I had a drive around there a few months back and only saw a couple of outbuildings empty then. Been meaning to have another butchers so I,ll be down there shortly now and let people know whats occuring.


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it's a shame to hear the maternity ward has shut. both me and my brother were born in there.

I heard the A&E had shut a little while ago, but was told by someone I know in the NHS it was being used for something else (?!) clearly that isn't the case. I'll have to get down there at some point....