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Report - Queen's Hotel, Leeds - October 2012


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Visited with lots of people.

After a few drinks at the Leeds meet we decided to try a couple of roofs. Queen's was the closest at the time so we started there, three of us going up to check it out followed by the rest shortly after. I wasn't going to bother with a report on this place but it grows on me every time I look back at it. Anyway, on with what you came (or didn't, for that matter) for.

History taken from Captain Lucozade's report.

Queens Hotel is owned by Quintessential Hotels, I dont know how they keep it running! No one seems to inhabit it!

It is an elegant Art Deco Grade II listed building. It was constructed in 1937 by architects W.Curtis Green and W.H. Hamlyn for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. It is a four star hotel and it has a total of 217 rooms. I stayed in it once for LOLs with our lass was ok, we got some sandwiches or some shit and the guy at the door who give us them put his hand out slightly and didnt say bye or leave, I was like "eh?" and closed the door. About 2 hours later I worked out your ment to tip them but fuck that at £3 for a bottle of water in the minibar the fooker should of tipped me.

It was acquired in 2003 by Quintissential Hotels who gave it a £10 million makeover. Previous owners other than LMS and Quintissential Hotels have included the publicly owned British Transport Hotels between 1948 and the early 1980s and latterly the Forte Group hotel and catering company.







Unfortunately they didn't forget to close and lock this door.


That's that. Fun times were had by all, feel free to add pictures on the end so that Queen's doesn't become the next Newsome Mills.

Someone else can post the next roof.


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