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Report - Queens hotel rooftop, Leeds. june 09


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28DL Full Member
after we found out we would not be able to do the baths we went in to the centre and found this hotel, thought we get some funny looks as we was abit under dressed! lol but we just walked straight past the desk and into the lift! out of the lift to the roof! and after Over had done his snake impression getting access it was my turn! and to say the least i made it look easy compared to Over's effort! :D

the strangest thing then happened! we got are cameras out and a workman walked around the corner and stopped and looked at me, i almost called to Over but i just carried on the Over walked around the corner and this worker looked at him. he never said a word, we started talking to each other me and over while taking some pics, and he got his phone out and start talking to someone. and then went back to work! yep it was a strange one! we didnt hang around to long! :)


are new mate! :)






the building here is the park plaza ;)

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