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Report - Queen's Tower Sept 2011


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"The Queen's Tower is all that remains of the Imperial Institute, which was built to mark Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887. The Imperial Institute was established by Royal Charter for the purpose of carrying out research into the resources and raw materials of the Empire and to provide a meeting place for overseas visitors."
The surrounding building has been removed and the tower has been preserved, it is now the center of the main site for Imperial College.

"The Queen's Tower is 287 feet tall, clad in Portland stone and topped by a copper covered dome. There are 324 steps from the ground to the base of the dome. Much of the route to the top is via narrow spiral staircases."
Trust me on this, its narrow and there are lots of steps...It's also not very high so you hit both shoulders and your head on the way up as well as struggle to keep your footing on the way down.




"The belfry contains the Alexandra Peal of bells, the peal consists of 10 bells and is named after Alexandra, the Princess of Wales."
It's reasuring to know they won't be used when you are there, as you have to pass the pull room with the ropes to get that high, so no danger of goind deaf.




"The viewing gallery presents an unrivalled panorama of London. The absence of tall buildings in the vicinity of the Tower means that there is an uninterrupted view of London in all directions. It is estimated that the furthest visible point is 20 miles away in good viewing conditions. The Tower is not open to the public at present"
There are locked gates preventing access to the outer area for safety on all four sides of the viewing gallery.


But the view is quite nice...


Please excuse the dirt that got on the image sensor while changing lenses :( I was not happy to spot that when I got home.

"The internal wooden structure of the dome is an interesting example of Victorian craftsmanship. On the upper stone cornice are inscribed the names of those who built the tower and an inscription"



There are several levels to get off and rest on the way up, its worth stopping to look at each.



This last image is apparently required, I couldn't find a lonely chair so this will have to do.


The quoted text is copied from the offical page on the tower to explain the history, the rest is mine.

I hope people like my Photos.

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