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Report - Queensbury tunnel, Bradford, February 2014 & August 2016


Dockers Umbrella
Regular User
photographs 1 - 9, 18 & 20 circa February 2014
10 - 17, 19 & 21 circa August 2016

Queensbury tunnel, Bradford, by stranton visited solo & with @ACID- REFLUX

The Queensbury tunnel is 2501yds long ,
running from Clayton (north) to Holmfield (south) runs beneath Queensbury.
The north portal is in poor condition, sealed by a 10ft palisade & razor wire
theres 4 air shafts (all capped), air shaft no 3 being the deepest at 379ft
theres refuges on both sides of the tunnel.
The south portal is in acceptable condition & exits in a 1033yd long, 59ft deep cutting at strines.
With the tunnel lying on a 1 in 100 gradient, suffering heavy water ingress &
the cutting at strines being filled in with debris ( except the last 100 yds) acting as a dam
the water submeges the south portal - cutting & reaches 1 / 2 mile in the tunnel.
Theres been a pump installed towards the latter part of 2015 to rid the tunnel of water,
as of August 2016 the tunnel is water free.
The tunnel is in a bad way, with at least 2 major collapses.
The tunnel opened in 1878,
closed on 26th May 1956.
Plans to use the tunnel as a cycleway will cost £35 million, sealing it will cost £3 million
considering the poor condition seems the latter is the prefered option.

north cutting

north portal
(now sealed by a 10ft palisade & razor wire)



air shaft no. 1

air shaft no. 2

water boundary



the following photographs show the section of tunnel which was part or all beneath water,
wasnt accessible on earlier visits.

1 / 3 submerged section
air shaft no. 3

2 major collapses

2 / 3s submerged section

air shaft no 4

supporting braces

completely submerged section, water will of reach the roof here
with an @ACID- REFLUX for comparison



comparison between submerged & water free parts

south portal


south cutting (Strines)


its worth mentioning, a pump had been installed during 2012
but failed soon after.

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Choo Choo m8ty

Mr Reality Hacker
Regular User
Yep. Good stuff m8ty. Some nice pics you grabbed there. Thx for posting


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
These have come out pretty good considering the conditions etc :thumb Some are even lit up well :D

Nice to see the comparison pics, especially the flooded South Portal. Although i think it needs the newly revamped North Portal defences :eek: adding.

This is my fave pic :thumb Everyone should have an @ACID- REFLUX for scaling structures like this ;)
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The Spice Must Flow.
Regular User
If I didnt know better I'd swear that was one of the portals at Abernant! So, is this still doable?


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nice update - amazing how much water has been pumped out of there. Cheers for posting that up - really interesting.


Dockers Umbrella
Regular User
Nice update - amazing how much water has been pumped out of there. Cheers for posting that up - really interesting.
a pump in situ 24 / 7 365 keeps the tunnel water free,
the stagnant water is put through a filter then returned to the beck.

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