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Lead or Rumour info - Question - British Airways Training Centre


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28DL Full Member
Hello everyone! hope you are having a great day.

By now you are all probably aware about the old British Airways Training Centre next to Heathrow Airport, it is very popular among urbexxers with a fair good videos of it on YouTube. As we all know by now, this publicity is bad for us other urbexxers who want to visit it due to tighter security and its something I am practically dying to explore.

I would like to ask if anyone has any recent experiences with exploring this site and how can I get into the buildings and roof

I also would like to ask how temperamental the security is, obviously from the publicity this place has gained its no questioning that security for this place is HIGH and I would like to ask if anyone has had any encounters with security and what I should expect in the hypothetical scenario of me getting caught?


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I thought I felt a sense of deja vu there then. It's like most places. You can do somewhere quite sensitive and get caught and security will be fine. Then go somewhere not so sensitive and they might be awful to deal with. It all depends who you get.