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Lead or Rumour info - Quins Butcher, Northam - Western Australia


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28DL Full Member
While out today, we went shopping and seen Quins butcher had a new shop in the shopping center, which means that there original shop must have closed. After driving past the shop, we noticed that yes it was closed. I have had some previous dealings about a year ago and got some of its history. The site has always been a butcher, and in its hay day had something like 33 butchers servicing a town of about 5000 in the 1930s, so it is quite a large building, with some rather old equipment.

Not much info on the internet, but may have to resort to the library on this one, dam should have took a photo of it :-(

Going to have a look soon, they may still be moving some equipment, so keeping an eye on it, interested in seeing what is in the upper floors of the building.