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Report - R.A.F Grafton Underwood - September 2013

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I have only see 1 report on this place going back a few years and they never covered 1 of the main buildings, Now most of the buildings have been destroyed or have fallen down and is in quite a bad state. The airfield opened up in 1941 housing many bomber groups from the RAF Bomber Command 1653 and the USAAF groups the 15th Bombardment Squadron (Light), the 96th Bombardment Group (Heavy), the 97th Bombardment Group (Heavy), the 305th Bombardment Group (Heavy) and the 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy). After the war, Grafton Underwood was used for vehicle storage with No. 236 Maintenance Unit employing up to two hundred civilian drivers and mechanics. The unit at the airfield repaired and stored thousands of Air Ministry vehicles which were sold at monthly public auctions. The airfield was finally declared surplus to requirements and closed on 1 February 1959. Since then its been left to ruins there is a part which is still lived with out houses and remaining buildings intact, This still has a lot to see even in its current state its like a big urbex hunt around the acers of land in which it once stood, Now the land belongs to the Boughton estate and is open as a country park for the public and there is also airsoft days held there which was obvious by the smoke grenades and paintballs laying around 1 of the main buildings left standing. Me and another 28DL member FaZy UK both purchased new DSLR cameras on the same day so both eager to try them out chose this as the perfect place :) sorry about some quality of the pics as its a new camera and i am still getting used to the settings and running it manually

The main water tank and pump house still stands though the pumps are no longer there some of the pipework remains







this is the biggest and probaly the best part left the operations room in which they planned their attacks








This is the Station Battle HQ which houses 5 rooms all underground




This is a mere 3 buildings this place has to offer its huge and like i said its a urbex treasure hunt with so much to see all you have to do is find everything sorry about some picture quality its a new camera and im getting used to settings.

Thanks for looking :thumb
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