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Report - R.A.F Long Marston Airfield - January 2020


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The Explore :
Visited the site in Jan 2020 - This has been on my list for some long time and i know its been done to death too - Visited the site with @WilsonTheHuman and none members - After seeing online that the planes have been removed - we went searching for them - Didn't take long to find them. Got stuck in the mud too on way ( Don't wear trainers on muddy fields that waterlogged lmao :banghead ) Once at the planes we spent a while taking photos and looking at some of the buildings that were left. mainly medical block and a social club or bar I believe. The plan itself was amazing - iv was told i used to live on the grass.

Coming towards end of the explore a guy drove up in the car, wanted to know what we were doing ( he said kids have been up there a lot trashing bits ) and asked us nicely to leave - So we put away our camera gear and left with no issue what so ever.

i like to see what the future holds for this place though .. Be a shame it becomes all houses :wanker

History: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Marston_Airfield
The airfield was previously RAF Long Marston a Royal Air Force station used for training during the Second World War. The station closed during 1954.

On 26 November 2015, a Stratford District Council planning committee approved plans by CALA Homes to build 400 houses on the site, part of their proposed development scheme which aims to eventually feature 3,500 houses.[2] As a consequence, the remaining airfield buildings will be demolished, the runways and drag strip removed and the businesses will be forced to close or relocate

now on to some photos .

First off Planes

I believe this was the old social club but I could be wrong - I only got one photo.

Now the Medical Room.


Thanks for Reading :)

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Love those planes. hahaha, we live and learn re trainers & mud. I always urbex in boots, never know whats under foot.

A man called Martyn

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Interesting to see the Shackleton has moved from its old location in the former museum compound. It had being in that museum site since 1995.


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The 'social club' was the former bar for the drag strip, the medical building belonged to the former drag strip as well.


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Nice shots! I was very glad I elected to wear my waterproof boots though watching you lot traipsing through it all trying not to get your trainers caked in mud was very entertaining :P

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