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Report - R.I.P Steetley - Night Shoot August 2010


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A random middle of the night excursion with a fellow tog to our old stomping ground Steetley Magnasite in Hartlepool , last time I was here they had employed a security guard of sorts who happily lets in anyone who wants to come in ..

This time the big machines had been , devastation on a massive scale and pumping out of all the water from the giant concrete wells has begun , the noise of generators running on this site at midnight is truly strange ...

We started at the graveyard end of the site ....


making our way through the rubble in the dark we headed through the remains of the site and towards the old pipe / pier



Some months back a fisherman fell from the end of the old pier and in their wisdom the council decided to remove a part of the pier , to stop people using it ..


they however removed the wrong bit and the fishermen just wait for the tide and climb up further along somehow or other as can be seen by fire at the end of the pier keeping the chaps warm


so some shots round the pier area at midnight on long exposures - great fun was had






and a glowstick to amuse the locals :)

bye bye steetley you have been a true inspiration to many a people for many a year .... :Not Worthy

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