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R. I. P Yorrick


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So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family. Looking back over his posts you can see he was clearly a passionate explorer, the forum and community will surely miss him. Peace


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This is sad news indeed. I hadn't explored with Yorrick all that much, mainly just exploring drains at meets etc, however I'll never forget when I first met him, as him and Punk turned up at my house to pick me up on the way to Sheffield to explore Megatron. It was certainly an interesting riding in the back of his V8 BMW, thats an experience I've had a few times and won't forget either. I'd met him a handful of times since then and he was always a pleasure to be around in person, never mind his endless contributions to for the forum here as well. My condolences to his family, friends and the rest of the exploring community who knew him.

I'll drop some pics below from the various events and drain explores we've both attended as a tribute to a great explorer and drainer.





Ok so a few people have asked about making a donation

It's easier to send the money to the regular donation page, but please mark it as 'Yorrick' so it ends up being filtered accordingly :thumb

Please use this link > https://www.paypal.me/28dl

Once all monies have been reconciled I will speak to his daughter and find out how the family would like us to proceed, we'll also be making a contribution on behalf of 28DL

Many thanks


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Such sad news. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Much respect to him and his contribution to the forum.

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I was shocked, and deeply saddened when I heard the news earlier :(

Yorrick was the first explorer I met on the forum, 8 years ago, when myself & Punk (known as Mongoose back in those days) did one of our first large scale factories.
He straight away clocked us for the noobs we were at the time! but had the patience to show us some of the ropes, and give us help & advice. I explored with him on a number of occasions in the following years, and he was always great company.

So sorry for your loss, he will be missed


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He will be missed by many. I was fortunate to only meet him once but despite that he gave me some great advice which sparked where I am now and even picked me up from the station. Rest in peace Yorrick ✌


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So sorry to hear about this - thoughts are with you and your family. Couldn't meet a nicer chap. RIP :(


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RIP Yorrick. Absolutely gutted to hear this news. My thoughts are with your family.


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I’ve just seen the news elsewhere and I’m really shocked. So sad to hear this and so sorry for your loss. I met @Yorrick a few times and he was always really welcoming and easy to get on with. Really nice guy and enjoyed his reports too. Very sadly missed :-(