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R. I. P Yorrick


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Very, very sorry to hear this Millie. My deepest condolences to you and your family with repsect to the sad passing of your father Nic.


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Such sad news, we never spoke in person but I saw his face at meets and always appreciated his dedication to the forum, map keeper extraordinaire! Thoughts are of course with you and family.

RIP Yorrick


Choose life, choose tunnels
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Hello Millie,

I was very saddened to hear about this earlier, and I've been thinking about the silly things we all get up to whilst out on draining escapades during the day.

It's been a couple of those where I met your dad. We had a good old natter, joke, compared cameras (your dads phone photos were way better than my DSLRs too!) and a generally fun day out was had.

Sadly, we'll never get to do a little explore we last spoke about. It will be conducted with him in mind though.

'Hero in a half-shell'


A Predisposed Tourist
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Sorry to hear this, i spoke to him a fair few times via pm and he was a really decent bloke..sad times


living in a cold world
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I can't recall having the privilege of ever meeting Yorrick unfortunately, but it's certainly a name I've seen around the forums for most of the time I've been on here.

Any loss is a sad loss for the community so my best wishes go out to his family and those who I'm sure have dear memories of him.



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Such sad news, met him a few times and was a great guy, as well as adding to the forum.

Thoughts are with you and family.


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Very sorry to hear this, I've only met Yorrick three times but all were memorable days out, and we spoke at length. As Oort said, I warmed to him instantly, such a friendly and knowledgeable chap. I also remember him being welcoming when I first joined the forum. Like Jobby, his reports were some of the first I read here and certainly inspired me. Rest in peace Yorrick, you will be very sadly missed. x


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That's awful news, did a couple of drains with him in Manchester, one of those 'you get on straight away with' type of blokes. So sorry for your loss X


Loyal to the Drain
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Very sorry to hear this awful news.
I only met Yorrick a couple of times but he was a lovely chap. It was always a pleasure to read his reports and he will be greatly missed.
Best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time.


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Sorry to be reading this, i never got around to meeting him but he came across a decent soul on the forum and never heard a bad word from him about anyone, RIP.