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Report - Radcliffe Times, Radcliffe - June 2016


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Radcliffe Times


Explored solo one Sunday morning after having no success at a few other more promising-looking derps. Initial access was a bit on-top and a bit of a squeeze, but once I was in it was fine. There were a few interesting things to be seen in here, namely the original tiled entrance (scroll down) I uncovered and a hell of a lot of crackhead graff.
Had a quick look at Voice of God on the way out but the grille in was padlocked.

The Radcliffe Times newspaper began in 1897. The original offices were built on Church Street in 1899 (an inscription towards the top of the building confirms this), and have stood empty since the Radcliffe Times merged with the Bury Times; there was, however, a short period where the upper floors were rented out as flats. There has been talk of converting the building into some sort of art-related venue, but no progress has been made since 2011.







As mentioned before, the best part of this place was by far the original tiled entrance. Whilst roaming around on the bottom floor I spotted a few tiles poking out from beneath a massive pile of rubble and dust - twenty minutes later part of the ceiling had collapsed on me but I'd cleared the majority of the floor and the tilework was finally revealed. It was kinda rewarding to be honest.


The majority of it was trashed and looks like it's been heavily used in the past by squatters & crackheads, but the tiles made up for it. It was one of those 'well it's good to know what's in there' kind of explores.​

Choo Choo m8ty

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Shame it's a bit wrecked. However you got in and that old tile floor was nice to see. Thx for posting


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Yes to unearthing a mosaic! Welcome to the club!
It was a hell of a lot of effort, spent half the time trying to hold the ceiling up with one hand whilst clearing with the other...definitely worth it though!


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That mosaic floor is pretty cool! You don't find anything like that in modern buildings.
That's exactly the reason I went after it, I knew there had to be something other than bad graff and rotten floors in this place...turned out quite nicely :)

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