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Report - RAF Armament Support Unit - Collyweston


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Collyweston is a one of three explosive storage areas around RAF Whittering. This one was a large Bomb Dump with workshops, Igloo's & Barns built for training & servicing nuclear bombs for the V Force Bombers. It closed in1996.

Buildings used for bomb maintenance mainly 1000lb bombs and Cluster bomb units (CBU) are near the main entrance (in the east). The Barns at the north west of the site also held the same type of bombs. The buildings at the west of the site were used to to store 68mm SNEB rockets. The Concrete buildings at the south west of the site were used to store American Explosives from RAF Lakenheath.

Geedubya and I set off towards south west Lincolnshire for a much needed day of Urbexing. Our original plan was to have a crack at a specific target a little nearer to home, but after a fairly extensive reccie, we abandoned this plan and headed further afield to try accessing Collyweston.

Entry was pretty straight forward, to what was once obviously an incredibly secure site. Our biggest danger throughout was being seen, just because of how open plan the place was. At any point you could turn a corner and be seen from 100's of metres away by anyone on site. But apart from a few walkers passing near the parameter fence, we were to be left in peace during our time inside.
It reminded me (not surprisingly) of the Proteus Military Training Camp near Clipstone Colliery, which is also about the same size. The initial buildings didn't hold much interest other than having some pretty cool graffiti on or in them. As we moved further in, we came to a row of Barns; all still in good knick to say the place has been abandoned for getting on for 15 years. These too didn't have much to offer and we were starting to think that it may have been a waste of time coming here. Then we found the row of heavy duty blast proof buildings with huge iron doors. These were epic and we had fun photographing them and it made the whole trip worthwhile.

I'd say the place is worth a visit if you live in the general area or are passing by, but not worth travelling a great distance purely to do the one site.

Anyway here are my photos:












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