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Report - RAF Bawdsey R3 ROTOR Bunker, Suffolk


I should have danced all night
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Bawdsey was a nice little Summer excursion for me. Raddog and I had been up there a year before to check on it but left empty-handed so when Speed mentioned it was open, we made some calls, put a party together and moseyed on down.

Here's what BunkerTours says about it:

The site still belongs to the MOD but is in a state of disrepair and will shortly be put up for disposal. The site has had many uses dating back to the start of the second world war when it was a radar site, through the cold war as a Rotor site and in more recent years as a Missile launch site. The bunker is a R3. The site was an GCI/CH combined site. GCI = ground controlled intercept, CH = Chain Home. the target in service date for the site was 28th February 1953.

























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