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Report - - RAF Bempton 15/11/07 | Military Sites |

Report - RAF Bempton 15/11/07

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Squirrell 911

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Whilst Madmax and I were discussing meets on the 1st Nov, Bempton was a place that I havent been to and Madmax wanted to visit again. Just out luck that Bunk3r and a few others were visiting it as we spoke :p. So we gave it a go tonight and despite it been a bit nippy and a couple of barbed wire fences later we got inside to have a look round. This is my first attempt at night shots and light painting so hopefully they will get better :)

Blast doors.


One of the fans for the air systerm


One of the larger rooms was a complete mess after getting torched :crazy but still had some interesting shots in there including these.




And not a sign of a fly tipper or prostitute this time :D

Madmax is going to add some of his on this thread soon.