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Report - RAF Bempton R1 ROTOR bunker - Oct 10


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Difficult choice - underground or military. Please move this if its in the wrong place.

This is a few firsts for me - My first report, first time out with a new camera and first time with anything better than a point and shoot camera - so constructive photography criticism is welcome.

I will not go deep into the history of this place, its been seen many times before.

I last visited this place about 10 years ago and I have to say back then I didn't think it could get into a much worse state than it was but this re visit was an eye opener. The sheer destructive power of nob heads is amazing. Just when you thought somewhere was already wrecked, they go and prove you wrong.

No pictures from outside as it was late on a night and I didnt want to draw too much attention on the field outside as the land owner is far from keen on visitors!

On with the pictures

The kelvin hughes pit, with added fire damage

Plant room, with some more added fire damage

Graffiti - A lot of the old graffiti left in this bunker by the late 70's/early 80's satanic cult that took over this place has been destroyed, either by people graffiting on top of it or in the numerous arson attempts that have been tried down here.

This picture just shows how bad the air is down here - the lens was clean and what you see is the dust/asbestos in the air shown up by attempting to use flash. Oh, and some fire damage of course

First attempt at light painting, using a red led

Pissing about in the entrance tunnel

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