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Negative Part: If anyone has seen my posts about this before you'll know i was a bit disappointed with the way this place turned out, the floors were unnerving to say the least, access to the buildings was very tedious the fact I had to take three trains and a half hour walk to get there in the rain didn't help, but here we go I thought I best share a report!

Visited with Mookster and True British Metal as usual!

A bit of a concise history of the place taken from Wikipedia, you can find the full article here.
Bicester Aerodrome, formerly RAF Bicester, is an airfield on the outskirts of the English town of Bicester in Oxfordshire. The RAF (Royal Air Force) left in 2004.
The airfield consists of 400 acres (1.6 km2) of well-drained short-mown grass, with three nominal runways (not marked) of 06/24, 13/31, 18/36, each 1,000 m (3,281 ft) long. The airfield surface is bumpy in places, due to collapsing field drains, requiring care on the part of pilots operating aircraft in those areas.

The Ministry of Defence still owns part of the site, that is used for British Army training. In June 2004, the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association moved to RAF Halton. The main use of the site is now civilian gliding, being home to both a newly-reformed (July 2004) Windrushers Gliding Club, and also the Oxford University Gliding Club.
The airfield is one of the finest examples of an unmodified pre-war RAF station still almost completely in existence, with many listed buildings. The brick-built 1934 "Fort" type 1959/34 control tower survives, as do the two C-type and two A-type aircraft hangars.
In the late 1990s, plans were proposed to develop the airfield for housing and industry, but they were abandoned due to strong local opposition and the historic nature of the site. In 2002, Cherwell District Council listed the area as a Conservation area.
TBM's report is much more conclusive but i'll try and provide an adequate write up so as always if you have time to comment / criticize please do, it's why I post these threads!

The photos:

Approaching the base, all the buildings looked the same.


The first building, there were a few nice touches including some scout paintings and this poster.


Panoramic of one of the rooms - the floors were very spongey!


The same room close up


Leading upstairs, the peeling paint on the walls was very photogenic (not that I show it very well!)



A lot of the base was dark and dingy like this, not really my sort of explore.


I think once you're there there isn't much point of the keep out sign!


A lot of the upstairs windows were left open (note to mods:not really an access point there is no way of getting up to this window)


The garages, probably the best feature of the site in my opinion!


bit pointless really! :D


We could see the gilding club from here, a bit too close I think!


Someone had actually tried to set fire to a stack of bottles of water, clever!


They were then suitably rearranged :D


One of the only original features left in situ.


Compulsory shot!


A final look at some of the buildings.

I hope you enjoyed my report and as usual I hope a couple of you have a chance to make a comment here, i'm always trying to improve on what I do so anything you can add really helps. As a final note if anyone is considering this place I suggest you walk there as the low flying gliders really are a wonderful sight!

Thanks for reading! :thumb

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