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Report - RAF Binbrook, Feb 2014


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28DL Full Member
A couple of mates & I have recently took an interest in photography and UE. We have had two ventures out so far (got to work around shift patterns), RAF Stenigot, Benniworth and Withcall tunnels and RAF Binbrook.

Particularly enjoyed Binbrook as we could get in to the few buildings that are still standing, although there isn't much inside them. I took a few photographs which I am learning to post on here. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Having read the newbie FAQ's I will now give you a brief history of RAF Binbrook.

Situated near the village of Brookenby in Lincolnshire the station was opened as a bomber command base in 1940. Lancasters and Wellingtons flew from there with the RAF and RAAF.
After the war it was home to the Gloster Javelins and Meteors and in 1965 it was home to the English Electric Lightenings
The base closed in the 1990's, and is now home to many different businesses.









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28DL Full Member
Based here on 5 Squadron Lightnings 1985-88. Best days of my life on this camp....such a shame the state its in today. Many fond memories. The nissen huts look like they may have been the the Lightning Servicing School where newly posted mechanics and technicians learnt all there was to know about the Lightning before going onto their respective squadron. They may have also formed part of the RAF Regiment training centre where all personnel trained on NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) warfare and how to fire a gun!

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