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Report - RAF Binbrook, March 2006


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Again following on our regular theme at the moment... another early Saturday start with silverfoxxx, tims and myself...

This time on a hunch from the Knowledgeable tims!!!:D
We tottered off to RAF Binbrooke (link below):

A very good site, and might need abit more research - as we think there is more to see!!!:cool:


Re: RAF Binbrook - REPORT

Made a return visit to RAF Binbrook the other day, as there was still plenty more to see and Bobstar had not yet experienced the delights of RAF Binbrook.

Particularly cool to see how the locals had built themselves a 'make-shift' halfpipe in the empty Squash Court from old door panels. An ingenius idea methinks, a bit of work and they had somewhere to ride away from the British weather.

If only I still had my BMX, would be up there all the time as that 'gap' over the door looked so tempting...

We both managed to get in the cellar, that tims mentioned earlier in the thread, and indeed it is a bit strange. Anyway the pics will tell the story.

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