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Report - RAF Boyndie Aerodrome, Banffshire - July 2010


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Hi folks,

This is my 1st ever report here,
so apologies in advance if Its a little rough around the edges.

here we go...

Here's the General Blurb about the Base 1st.
(Courtesy of ZombieSazza - who visited there ages ago)

RAF Banff, Boyndie Airfield, opened during World War II in 1943 as a Flying Training Command Field, and closed in 1946. Operational control was No 18 Group (1944). Also served RAF Banff Strike Wing of Coastal Command.
The airfield was constructed with the standard triangular three runway pattern, all with asphalt surface, and about 46 metres in width:

18/36 1,280 metres
06/24 1,280 metres
12/30 1,828 metres

With the arrival of 143 Squadron (Mosquito) in October 1944, training command was transferred away from Banff, and the station was built up by the arrival of a number of other squadrons. Many squadrons posted to Banff were quickly transferred to Dallachy Airfield, but would later return in 1945 to convert to Mosquitos.

The base became RAF Banff Strike Wing, Coastal Command, and its main function became the execution of missions to attack German shipping in Norwegian waters, and to attack German ground positions in Norway. Its prime function was the interdiction of vital German iron ore convoys travelling via northern Norway to Germany, and latterly the more important task of attacking the last remaining German U-Boats which were forced to traverse the Kattegat and Skaggerak areas as well as the North Sea.

The Airfield spans a fairly large area,
And Isn't really signposted at all as to its location.
Just a sign showing a general area.
But taking the B road from Portsoy towards Boyndie,
and stopping when you see the Firing Block was the way I started off,
You could just as easily park beside the Go Kart Track and walk onto the top of the Runway from there..
Most of the Buildings are accessible by finding the runways and following them to the edges.

Though be warned,
Even on a sunny, warm day, It is insanely windy on account of the windfarm that is built right beside the Base.
This would seem logical, but still didn't give me the foresight to bring gloves and a warmer coat.
Newbie mistake!

Anyway on with the pics..

First Up is the Firing Block,
This is the only element of the base still visible from the B Road.


The Next building you come to is the Control Tower.
Pretty much stripped bare now,
Though it does have a concrete viewing platform on the second floor,
that provides some great views out over the windfarm and surrounding hills.



Inside its pretty much just an empty shell now.




On the walk down towards the Operations Centre you pass several other smaller structures and hangers,
these are mostly being used by Cows and Birds as a place to poop,
And are pretty much rubble now, there is one building with its roof still intact, not sure what this would have been used for.



One hanger is still in marginally better condition, but was overrun with Highland Cows when I got there, they had young calfs and were getting quite aggressive, so I didn't hang around here long...


And on to the Operations Block.
This is open to the elements in places and becoming pretty overgrown with ferns, but you can still get into the main Op room.
Though there is very little light.










I have a few other pics from the site,
but these are the main elements.
Will post the complete set to my Flickr page later today.
Hope this will be the 1st of many reports.
Feedback is very welcome!


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28DL Full Member
Oh nice 1st photo!
I've never ventured here, is it near the racetrack?
Always hear the cars zooming past when you're at Ladysbridge!


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28DL Full Member
Some nice shots there :)

It's well worth a mooch, the signage and so on in the Ops Block is great too, did you see it?


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28DL Member
Thanks folks.
Hopefully many more to follow!

I saw some of the signage in the Ops Block,yes,
couldn't find the callsigns board that i've seen elsewhere here.
But the clipboard tag words are still there in the Operations Officer's space..

Gorecki,It is quite close to the Racetrack but there is an easier way to get nearer to it.
And depending on how sturdy your car is,A way to drive onto the runway.

On the B road from Portsoy to Boyndie,Look for the firing block,
and turn in just beside it by the tattie boxes you see stacked up at the roadside.
a little lane joins up with the top of one of the runways.

Its pretty much a shell now, but still well worth a visit!

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