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Video Report - RAF Brampton Officers Mess ( 3/2/2018)

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hey all its ya boi, Torch here back from a brief hiatus ( not that anyone cared:()

anywhore long story short, after looking up places to prevent a potential soggy derp I stumbled across this little gem.

Before I go any further allow me to lay down the lore:
The history of Brampton Park and the building now used as the Officers’ Mess can be traced back to the 12th Century when the estate was the same size as it is now (approximately 125 acres)

In 1279, the property was ceded to the family of Philip Daules (probably a Frenchman, Philip D'Aules or de Aules) with a yearly tax of 6 shillings; it then passed to Robert Daules in 1288 and from him, in 1328, to Reyner Daules.

The great fire of 1907
Lady Olivia was a noted philanthropist and is known to have been responsible for a church in Huntingdon which was used by her own private religious sect, "The Countess of Huntingdon Connection". She died in 1863.Twenty six years after the death of Lady Olivia, the building became an institution for the cure of stammerers and remained as such until 1907. In that year there occurred the most spectacular and devastating fire in Brampton Park's history: the eastern half of the building was gutted in a blaze which lasted 3 days. The destruction was so complete that no attempt was made to rebuild the original house and little more than one-third of the building, as it stood before the fire, is now in existence


The video (Duration 8:46)

The explore

I was surprised by the overall condition of the place
living room.jpg


Service reports from '94 - '08
service reports.jpg

someone had some brains on them ( not enough it seems)

Keys keys and mo' keys

mo keys.jpg

random hallway shot

Maps of France



map of europe

nice little room, equip with fireplace

Lovely little chilling spot next to the fire



gorgeous ceiling

The bar

Oh and ainsley harriot for some reason


Thanks for stopping by

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