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Report - RAF Brampton Officers Mess


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The site was first used during the First World War, when Lord Mandeville (who owned the site) agreed to its use to house German prisoners of war. During the early years of the Second World War, the site was used to house children evacuated from London. In 1942, the United States Army Air Corps First Bomb Wing Headquarters was established on the site. In September 1945, the USAAC moved out to what was RAF Alconbury.

In 1953, JARIC (UK) was established and it moved, in 1956, with other elements to the recently formed RAF Brampton. JARIC stayed at Brampton for 57 years with various name changes before departing RAF Brampton for RAF Wyton in 2013.

In June 1977, the Support and Training Commands were unified to form RAF Support Command at Brampton. Support command occupied a large building in the centre of the base that caught fire in October 1985. Staff were moved to empty families' quarters on the base. when Sir John Sutton was appointed Commander in January 1986, he was faced with a burnt out HQ which would eventually cost £10 million to fix.

Originally, RAF Brampton, RAF Wyton and RAF Henlow were separate stations. However, in the mid-1990s, with the closure of RAF Logistics Command then at Brampton, and the cessation of operational flying from Wyton, the two stations amalgamated to become Brampton Wyton. Henlow joined the group in 2001, and brought with it RAF Stanbridge, to produce the largest station in terms of both geography and number of personnel in the RAF. The station stretches from Brampton and Wyton, around 7 miles (11 km) apart, in the north, southwards around 30 miles (48 km) to Henlow, and then westwards some 20 miles (32 km) (towards Leighton Buzzard) to Stanbridge.

However, in 2009, an MoD review decided that Brampton was surplus to requirements because a new intelligence centre (DIFC) would be built at nearby RAF Wyton. The tri-station amalgamation was disbanded on 2 April 2012 and RAF Brampton was renamed Brampton Camp, losing its status as a RAF station and coming under the control of Joint Forces Command and RAF Wyton.

The station closed at the end of 2013 with large scale demolition of the buildings taking place in 2016 and into 2017. The site is being cleared to make way for housing but some of the buildings and trees on the site are protected.

The RAF Officers mess itself is in really good condition, considering the doors are literally left open..

There is hardly any damage or graffiti in or around the building excluding some broken lamp shades upstairs, someone writing Cunt on the wall with a blade and a fucking ton of dead bugs. however there also isn't too much left in the building apart from some kitchen stuff and a cupboard full of shit they obviously didn't want to take.



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