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Report - RAF Breighton Station Sick Quarters - Breighton airfield - May 2012


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Hi All,

This is my first urbex post, I've spent the last year visiting a number of military and historic abandoned places and thought I'd spend today getting my head around how to post reports up on here. I apologise in advance if I've done something wrong and would ask your patience in this first instance!

As a private pilot, I fly from a small grass airfield north of the Humber estuary called Breighton. During the war, the station was used as an RAF bomber base flying Halifax's.

Having written to the national archives, I was able to obtain copies of the original aircrew accommodation layouts, which included labelled site plots of the buildings which can now be found in the village of Breighton itself (although these are located in most instances within private property and therefore require the owners' permission).

The photographs contained below were taken in May of last year (2012) and are to my mind some of the last ever taken of the recently demolished station sick quarters.

One afternoon at the airfield, I decided to take the 1940's site layout with me into the village to establish what remained of the 'site 6'; after meeting with the farmer who owned the derelict hospital quarters, I was given permission to photograph and explore the property.

This represented the first urbex I ever undertook. Since then, the quarters have been destroyed and I have explored a number of places, documenting each with good photographs. I will be uploading more over the next few weeks, as and when time permits.

Thanks again for your patience, enjoy the photographs.












Shot taken from the air; the station sick quarters are in the centre.

Thanks all for looking! :)

Sherif Lotfy

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Hi there,

My great uncle served in the 78 Sqn in Breighton in 1943. Coukd you kindly send me the original aircrew accommodation layouts that you got from the National Archives, my email is [REMOVED]

Thank you in advance



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Not the best idea to post your email address openly on a public forum, so i have removed it.

I would suggest sending a PM to the person who started this report, but it's been 2 years since he posted this and he has not posted anything else, so i doubt he is still around.


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Hi Sherif Lotfy,

Send me your details in a PM, happy to help out. You'd be welcome to come a look around the airfield if you'd like too.



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