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Report - RAF Cheddington/Marsworth - Buckinghamshire - September 2013


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History from Wikipedia:

During World War II, Cheddington Airfield opened in March 1942 as a satellite station to RAF Wing, with 26 Operational Training Unit, Vickers Wellington bombers.
In September 1942 the airfield was transferred to the United States Army Air Forces.

After the war the British Army used of the airfield and the site eventually closed in 1952.

There is some evidence [Luton/Hemel Hempstead Evening Post Echo newspaper], that strongly suggests this facility was used as a CIA weapons dump. This weapons dump held Soviet Bloc small arms (AK 47s, RPGs, etc.) for a special combined CIA/MI6 Cold War operation, code named Operation GLADIO. The specific duties of Op. GLADIO operatives, was "behind the lines" resistance activities. The concept being that IF Western Europe was invaded by the Warsaw Pact, that such units could disrupt the invaders "lines of communications & supplies".

In a pretty bad way, but okay for an afternoon if you get in Cheddington ROC post too. Lots of stuff going on, one of the larger buildings seemed to be being used for the restoration of VW vans, and there's a scrapyard on one part of the site. There was a boiler house that looked pretty interesting but it was securely locked up.

This building was by far the most interesting - it had this great big door (behind a metal bar door) leading into 3 bare square rooms. Armoury perhaps?


Nature has really taken over some of the buildings...

There's a few interesting things lying around

Looks like a farmer has been keeping animals here at some point

I must confess that my exploring partner E took these photos, but I'm a terrible photographer and she's not a member so everyone wins!