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Report - RAF Chenies June 2011

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This is the first solo place i have done and also first ever report.

I have borrowed this History off of Eddbmxdude's report as i have found it covers it really well.

Bit of history:
RAF Chenies was an R8 Ground Control Intercept (GCI) radar station (code HAM) built in the 1950's as part of the post war ROTOR Programme. While most post war GCI stations utilised an existing WW2 site, Chenies was a green field site. Originally sited at Heathrow, it was known by this name until it was changed to Down Barns and on 5.9.1950 the name was changed again to Chenies.

Chenies was built as part of the first stage of the ROTOR Programme which was itself divided into four phases. Phase 1 was the re-establishment of 28 WW2 Chain Home radar stations. 13 were brought up to a fully operational state while the remaining 15 were brought up to a 'readiness' state. These stations would have required some notice before they were fully operational.

The site is in bad condition and not much is left except from the electrical units in the outer small rooms. In the main building its self it is really trashed with lots of holes in the floors leading to the service tunnels which were fun to explore however found nothing. The best part of the trip was climbing the big tower which is now used so when Heathrow air spaces gets crowed the planes come circle the tower to make space before they can land.

When i was up their i noticed a land-rover with someone getting out of it where the main gates are so i didn't manage to get to the top because made a quick retreat down and out of the site.







climbing the tower


Chenies from above


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