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Report - RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster, September 2017


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The History

RAF Church Fenton was opened on 1st April 1937, while it was still being constructed. It was built as a result of the RAF's massive pre-war expansion programme, in response to Hitler's move to increase the strength of the German armed forces. The base was designed as a fighter base from the outset, with the task of protecting the industrial regions of Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Humberside.

This part of the site closed in 2012. The remainder of the site, including the runway, is now used as Leeds East Airport.

A much more comprehensive history can be found here: http://www.rafchurchfenton.org.uk/history_of_raf_church_fenton.htm

The Visit

This place seems to have been visited by every man, woman and GoPro in recent months. As such it’s a well documented location, but one I couldn’t resist while in the area. RAF bases are fairly uniformly designed places; this being my forth I have become quite familiar with the long corridors and repetition of rooms that would have been home to thousands over the years. The site is currently very overgrown, hence the lack of external photographs. Overall, a fairly satisfying couple of hours wandering and climbing through windows.



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