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Report - RAF Coleby Grange – September 2011


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One of the best explores I've ever done, being a bit of a WW2 nut probably helps why I feel the way I do, but we'll come to that.

I recently saw that a fellow member had visited RAF Coleby Grange – I was aware of it, but had never been and it is only 15mins away! Criminal, I know!

It is famous locally for being haunted, and many ghost hunters frequent this place after dark hoping for a glimpse of the Polish airman's ghost... with that in mind I went solo, not a believer myself, but to be honest I did feel a little spooked at times.

A brief history: (I've grabbed this from the www)

Opened in 1939 as a relief landing ground for RAFC Cranwell with 253 and 264 Sqn starting to use it. In May 1941 it was transfered to 12 Gp, Fighter Command and became an RAF Digby satellite, 402 Sqn then moving in. 409 Sqn RCAF were present from Jul 1941 to Feb 1943 and again from Dec 1943 to Feb 1944. 410 Sqn RCAF filled the gap from Feb to Oct 1943 on nightfighter defence duties. The station was also home to 307 (Polish) Sqn, departing May 1945. From 1959 to 1963 Coleby Grange re-opened with 142 (SM) Sqn which was a Thor IRBM unit and 3 launchers. Each missile was armed with a one-megaton nuclear warhead, controlled by the US Air Force under so-called dual-key arrangements.

It seems that on the surface that there isn't too much to explore, but if you dig a little deeper it seems that this site was huge, and there is still plenty to see, so I'll be going back for sure.

Finally, the reason why I felt this was my best explore experience (Hats off to you, if you've read this far). As I was just finishing up, taking a few exterior shots and so forth, I heard, what I thought was a bi-plane... looked up, and to my amazement it was a Spitfire! Yes, a Spitfire, literally flying right at me!! I was so awestruck, I forgot I had my camera to hand, I tried in vain to get a decent photo of it, but the bloody camera wouldn't focus, so the best I could do I posted at the end of my report.

RAF Coleby Grange Watch Office




Top floor, overlooking what would of been the airfield


The token black and white shot

The moment the Spitfire passed directly overhead, like I said it took me by surprise, so I apologise for not being able to get a better shot of it.

Spitfire approaches

Spitfire overhead

Spitfire departs

A close-up of the Spitfire from the overhead image.

Thanks for looking.
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