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Report - RAF Croft, October 2011


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28DL Full Member
Sadly, i cant find much history to this place, because when i searc raf croft, it comes up with croft racing circuit -.-*

from what ive heard/read, the base opened in the 1940's. and was used by the RAF from that period up until the mid 50s when it changed hands to the USAF as a processing station for Burtonwood airbase, making it the largest in the country of its kind outside of the states.

sadly, it is just left, laying to waste much like any other, it has been used by a farmer in the past to store some pretty old farming gear !!

and in my opinion, this place is haunted, i heard voices, singing and footsteps very close to me !


the famous lonely sofa :D


any idea's on the make and model please ?



horse drawn corn drill


the plate on the corndrill :)



who ever played in here last really brought the place down !!


mushroom soup anyone ^^


the projection room 2 my personal target for the day ! "


looking out of the projection room ^^


i used to be filled with water! but then i got high!!


RUSTic machinery


farewell croft... you haunted son of a bitch !

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