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Report - RAF Daws Hiill High Wycombe - CO19 Training Area - August 2012


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Having seen the nuclear bunker, I decided to see the rest of RAF Daws Hill, and came across the CO19 Training Area. As others have said, lots of sim rounds/smoke grenades lying around, along with some training equipment: face masks, FAK, boiler suits and a couple of cars to play cops and robbers with !

Police Firearms unit - CO19 (SCO19)

CO19 is Scotland Yard's specialist firearms unit. This elite cadre of highly-trained police officers are on standby to respond to any armed incident in London. Both men and women can join CO19. The unit trains all other UK armed police officers.

CO19 has around 550 members, including training staff, SFOs and ARV units.

Update : CO19 is now official known as SCO19 due to the merger in January 2012 between the Central Operations and Specialist Crime Directorate (SCD) branches to form Specialist Crime & Operations (SC&O).

SFOs (Specialist Firearms Officers)

SFO units are the proactive wing of CO19. They will usually be used in pre-planned intelligence-led operations such as actions against armed robberies or raids on drug warehouses. The number of actives SFOs is around 90 officers, organized into 6 teams. As with the SAS CT team, SFOs usually include a sniper element that provides overwatch for the assault element which actually enters and clears the objective. SFO units may be called to storm buildings, planes, buses, trains and docked boats.

ARV (Armed Response Vehicle) Officers

ARV units are a more reactive force since they respond to incidents involving firearms. There are some 280 ARV officers utilizing 13 Armed Response Vehicle, or 'Trojans', on the streets of London at any given time. To enable fast pursuit and arrival times, BMW cars, fitted with state-of-the-art satellite navigation and communications gear are the vehicle of choice for the ARV teams. ARVs will patrol known trouble areas, waiting to move in when needed. ARV units are usually crewed by 3 officers : driver, communications operator and observer/navigator.

CO19 officers undergo extensive training.

Urban Explorers also Working on site





High School used for training


Don't Shoot Grandma








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